What is Skopje? What is the most precise metaphor for the capitol of Macedonia? Let’s pronounce some often used in everyday life of Skopje after the WW2 : CROSSROAD, BASTARD, CITY OF SOLIDARITY, DIVIDED CITY, few variation on the phenomena GARBAGE…..and some others in same manner! Endless creativity from the domestic media – **the extensions** of local population.
Macedonian Pilgrimage decided to investigate somehow not satisfied with the used metaphors. Macedonian Pilgrimage wanted to hear more from the CITIZENS of Skopje. We visited the hidden spheres where citizens reside from the beginning of Skopje ……This is what they continuously are telling us….

Macedonian Triumphal Arch- the sphere where honorable citizens of Skopje reside. They disagree about the usual metaphors about Skopje.

Only a small part of the pieces of gigantic mosaic of 8ooo years city of Skopje are still waiting to became letters for the real metaphor for the real values of Macedonian capital SKOPJE.

In one corner inside the first ring of the city citadel,hidden by the bushes,hidden by the reflective glass,hidden behind jar and improvised fence: THE FIRST, OLDEST BEGINNING of SKOPJE- the neolithic settlement guarded by the Great Mother that still is patron of Skopje.

Skopje was and still is the capitol that cultivate the newcomers that are on the different level of civilization by helping them to overcome the FEAR and destructive aggression. Macedonian Pilgrimage discuss that for a while in front of the GOD TEMPLE that is an example how Macedonians build it and barbarians destroy it …. on, and on for 6oo years. This is last example

разврзува… врзува и… сссврзува… два црвени брега…….. пушта една планина, друга планина… поврзува…. КАМЕН… свиткува: МОСТ… испловува… запловува… летнува… и… ссслетува: МОРЕ….. погледнува: ВОДНО… се шири, проширува, пристигнува… извиткува: ПЛОШТАД… ГРАД… Град и на! ГРАДИНА… ГОРЕН ГРАД се подава, додава.. подкрева, извишува: НЕБО…. затемнува… ссстемнува… сссветнува… посине, затопли, вцрви, дувна и замириса….. СССССКОПЈЕ….

The water is multiplied point of view for Skopje and for Macedonian civilization- the biggest aqueduct on Macedonian peninsula.
The marked pillar number 27 memorizing the year 527 when Justinian The GREAT came to power.

Over the ashes of superior Macedonian civilization: SCUPI- colonia flavia…. palaces and mass graves, theater for 10 000 and city of dead 3 times larger than the area inside the city wall. Who says that Romans brought any good in Macedonia?
Scupi- COLONIA FLAVIA, the citadel to defend 40 000 m2 urban plan that Romans introduced on the left bank of the sacred river.. SCUPI- 1000 years center of the civilization before ROMANS destruction. SCUPI the city of the dead at least 2,5 times larger than the area of the citadel where the alive do the everyday way.

The Religious Patron of Skopje was not the choice of the people who live in Skopje, today or 8ooo years ago. That was the choice of the SPACE where Skopje decided to be born. It is the essence of GENIUS LOCI. This beautiful MEMENTO was erected in the era when ***THE RELIGION IS A DRUG FOR THE PEOPLE**was official benchmark of the communism. Still THE GREAT MOTHER- the Saint Patron of Skopje appeared on the sacred hill in the center of the capitol as young woman bringing liberation from the fascism. On 13 of November 1944 a young citizen of Skopje, the girl from the settlement of Birarija first climbed up and erected the Macedonian Flag over the roof of the german fascist headquarter proclaiming the liberation of Skopje. She was not decorated with governmental award of any kind, and she never apply for such a thing.

This is the full photo album of this adventure: