STOBY – The story or history……….

On the day of SAINT TRANSFIGURATION Macedonian Pilgrimage with Vangel visited famous archaeological ruins of STOBY. Before approaching to the mysterious city the pilgrims went to the most beautiful GUARDIAN castle near the village of Letevci to look for permission to enter in the ancient world of Macedonian civilization.Then on the island of Stoby we experienced the growth of Macedonian civilization from the Neolithic till the Christian time in the space-time of 4 hours that felt like a blink of an eye.We were aware of the architectural transfiguration of one sacred spot of Macedonian land in the period of at least 7000 years.Then we visited the oldest and silent small but monumental church of Black ST JOHN of VELES that was erected as early christian church probably in 3 century,now with the architectural finishing from 11 century.The bones of St John are inside but on the DAY OF TRANSFIGURATION IT WAS CLOSED AND SILENT….BUT,….Wait a second !There was something there! Mystery ? Energy ? THE reverberating sound of the river Vardar ? Or the echo from the cave of St John hidden somewhere DEEP DOWN on the black surface of the huge rock that stands as a foundation for the church ? The pilgrims spent some time looking for the entrance in the invisible underworld of the hermit,the prophet,the baptist……All day long prophet Elijah was watching from the sky.It was the DAY OF TRANSFIGURATION…


Badar the Guardian

Ancient Gardian ! He is there from the creation of the Earth. This place was recognized by our ancient. As the time come they built the guardian tower and a castle and sanctuary.
The pilgrimage often can not proceed without PERMISSION of the GUARDIAN. It is not easy to get it.
The permission is issued. We celebrate by the rules of the ceremony.It is the period of the dawn and WE are waving to the SUN with the ancient SUN.
Strategical point and Castle near the village of Letevci. Beautiful finishing over majestic rock standing over the river PCINJA
This could be the best Motel on the international highway ALEXANDER OF MACEDON E-75. Somehow someone will execute the destiny of this stones of the void. Early morning coffee. Each of us picked up different messages from the Guardian.

STOBY – The story or history……….

Pilgrimage to STOBY. Ancient Macedonian city from the time of Phillip II. Burned, destroyed by the roman legions of Emilio Paul in 168 B C. Revitalized by the Second Macedonian Empire.The first early christian (not legal) churches and the first legal churches, the place where emperor Theodosian made christianity as official religion in the empire with the edict.
If the romans destroyed Stoby to the dust why by the books it is roman ?
An old macedonian song may offer some answers.Let’s quote it in original :….Po poleto odele dvajca trski……….zad niv se navednuvale svivajki go vratot……vodata gi kriela tafnite vrski………so barskata treva……nadaleku se beleel patot…..odele dvajca…bilo leto…patem brborele seshto odednash…..vrz seto senka se sivo…a pred toa bilo leto….
The archaeologist sad that this was a library.Fantastic interior. Looks more like temple.Still under excavation….Well see.Anyway the architecture of the macedonian level of excavation with obvious traces of huge fire that destroyed the building that the roman have seen for the first time. In barbarian mind when you don’t understand something in 9 of 10 cases you destroy it !
The Temple of egyptian goddess ISHTAR in Macedonian City . The connection between Macedonia and Egypt is far before Alexander was worshiped as the son of RA at SHIWA oasis. Who deleted the inscription on the tomb stone ?


Churches in Veles

On the DAY of the SAINT TRANSFIGURATION it is compulsory to visit the memory of St John the Baptist.The Macedonian Pilgrimage choose to visit the oldest church in Veles. Here,also,there was a guardian (the church is in the yard of the factory that before some time produced leather for boots) who allowed us to visit the memorial built on the black rock just on the right bank of the sacred river VARDAR.

The church accepted our presence in silence.We tried to find the entrance in the pilgrim cave.Some fisherman called from the other side of the river and explained that only one father with his son once found the entrance bellow the level of the river,and that the bones of St John the Baptist are inside the small church. We left the factory yard towards the near monastery of St Dimitrija to pick up more information from the church oficials.

On the Day of Transfiguration we visited the monastery with marvelous church from 11 century reconstructed in 14 century.
There were no church officials.Just common people Macedonian christians. WE shared the moment of the HOLLY DAY. We became THE ROAD ON THE ROAD.


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