Veles is a typical Macedonian ancient settlement from the Neolithic time. In other words the existing city is old about 8.000 years. It begins as market place in Neolithic time and as a port from the central part of Macedonia throughout the river Vardar connected with the Aegean sea. Veles functioned as a port till the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. The remains of the port are still to be found among the houses close to the river today. The beauty of the urban plan which is characteristic for Macedonian cities can be seen on the spot named Varnaliite. Not only on the ground where the river divides the city in two parts the flow of the river is the part of the picture when you look up while walking in the narrow streets and looking towards the sky. The roofs of the houses are forming a river flow

In the city museum there are numerous artifacts from all historic styles and cultures that grew and harmonize today’s silhouette of Veles. Among the examples is the oldest cauldron used not simply for cooking, but for FAST cooking, to boot. This artifact is the oldest of it’s kind in the world, dating from the Neolithic time.

Among the symposiums that were held on the Congress of UIA in Barcelona 1996 there was one named “The House For The Future”. Among the lectures there was one that presented the house of Macedonian poet Kosta Racin as house for the future. Never the less it was not a high tech building, besides the house was build in 19th century, the audience accepted this marvelous hose as a house that fulfill all the standards necessary to be the house of the future. The discussion after all the presentation from various architects from all over the world was focused with affirmation about this example of 19th century Macedonian architecture. So, when you visit Veles, don’t miss to visit the house for the future.

The family house of Vasil Glavinov, one of the first Socialists in Macedonia

The house of the Kasapovi family. Monumental masterpiece of Macedonian architecture built vertically upon the natural rock. These are the masters that also built the famous Meteora monasteries.

The cathedral church of Veles St. Panteleymon is the project and execution of Andrea Damjanov, architect and mason. This church is estimated as the best example of 19th century religious architecture

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